How to hack a Facebook account

How to hack a Facebook account

There are many reasons why a person might want to hack Facebook account. The first, and most often is to retain a lost Facebook account, that can’t be verified by phone or email. The next is for parental guidance reasons; if your child seems to be displaying unhealthy behavior, the answers are usually embedded in their most used social media. The last, but not least, is the suspicion of a cheating loved one, and almost always the answer to that question is in their online messages and likes.

There are only a few real ways to hack a Facebook.

Do not be fooled by bogus pages online claiming one click will get you there.

There is no such website out there to hack a Facebook account instantly, if you notice every site that claims to do so asks you to fill out a survey, and then you never get to learn how to hack Facebook.

There are ways to hack a Facebook account without wasting your time with these fake online sources. The first and less recommended is through phishing.

Phishing is the process of creating a copy of the person you are trying to hack login page; this could also work to hack Facebook, email, Instagram, or any other medium.

So essentially we are creating a page that looks entirely like Facebook login page but in a different URL like, or, or any URL that looks similar enough that users might not read. When a user lands on that page, they may think it is the real Facebook login page, and people who do not find the page suspicious are going to enter their username & password.

Once the Facebook password information gets entered, the user gets forwarded to the real Facebook login to avoid suspicion.
Now let’s say you’re not a web developer, you don’t know how to copy source code or create your own, you can’t get a hold of the right domain, and there aren’t any WordPress options to replicate the model of Facebook; have no fear, software is here.

If you have access to your targets computer:

Key Prowler is used for PC windows only so that you can see into someone’s Facebook account, but it would update on your end every time they logged in through their PC. It is one of the more economical software, so if you are not trying to spend a lot, we recommend this one time fee instead of a membership. Key Prowler works by installing it on your device than getting on to their computer and putting an untraceable link, then the magic happens, and you can see everything.

If you have access to your targets mobile phone:

Mspy is the leading software for monitoring people’s Facebook account and anything else they can do on a computer or cell phone. For legal purposes, they market their software as a way for parents to track what their kids do on their devices.

The best part about purchasing their software is that it is broken down into what you need and you only have to pay according to that. You can also purchase various packages for different services. Mspy is 100% guaranteed to work, so when you are done taking surveys online to see if you can hack someones Facebook, purchase this software to do the real thing, because as you have probably already learned there is no quick, easy, and free way to hack someones Facebook.